Contact/How to Perform

Have any questions or feedback? Email Jen at

Email is our preferred contact, but you can also find us here:

Information for Performers:

Performers inquiring about booking should please send the following information to  

- Act title

- Genre (music, comedy, poetry, magic, dance, theatre, hula hooping, etc.)

- Set length

- Number of performers (include types of instruments if applicable)

- Tech needs

- Best phone # to reach you (kept private):

- Provide a sentence or two about your act so our host can properly introduce you. Include any upcoming performances or web presence you would like to promote.

- Provide a photo, video link, and/or website, and state if you give permission for us to share these in our promotions.

Here's how it works:

Where:  Sweet Little Variety Shows are performed at 8pm on second Thursdays of each month at Askew, 150 Chestnut Street, Providence in the Jewelry District, where there is ample on-street parking. Load-in is through the front door.

Timing:  Sweet Little artists should arrive by 7:30pm, or by 7:15pm if a sound check is needed. Find Jen or host Eva Destruction upon arrival. Each show typically features 6 performances with an average set time of 15 minutes per slot. The line-up is finalized day of show. There may or may not be an intermission depending on run time. Dance acts may perform one or two numbers, consecutively or not; just let us know your preference. The show begins at approximately 8:15pm and we aim to wrap up by 10pm. If you know you'll need an earlier or later slot, please make that request as soon as possible.

Pay:  Each act is paid $20, with the exception being lower pay for especially low turnout. (We haven't had this happen in many years, but we're giving you the heads up, especially in cases of bad weather.) Acts with more than two performers are paid more if we have an exceptionally busy night. Pay is given at the end of the show, though if you have to leave early, a Sweet Little door person will take care of you. Askew typically and generously offers select complimentary beer to performers at the bar.

Guests:  Because we usually have over a dozen performers in each show, we don't offer complimentary entry to guests of performers, the exception being staff traveling with touring artists. Performers are welcome to provide up to four guests' names to a Sweet Little door person at a rate of $5/guest, to be deducted from their pay at the end of the night. The cover is normally $7. Patrons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tech:  Askew's sound system is operated by a trained technician. MP3 format is preferred for sound files, best played through a phone with a headphone jack. CDs are not compatible with our system. Please notify us of any special technical needs ahead of your set.

Promotion:  Please promote your performance! Social media, emails, texts, flyers, and/or press releases are much appreciated. If you are on Facebook, please RSVP to the Sweet Little Variety Show Facebook event and share it.  Send photos of your performance to us to share. Encourage guests to come for dinner.

Feel free to have someone take photos of your set, sell merchandise, and place business cards or flyers on tables.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest in our show!