Tuesday, April 7, 2020

First Ever Sweet Little Virtual Show

Tune in this Thursday for our first ever Sweet Little Virtual Show! We've come together through the magic of technology to raise money for working performers and Askew staff while entertaining the heck out of you!
Same time: 4/9 at 8pm (2nd Thurs each month. Mark this down!)
Same deal: $7 per viewer for a variety of fantastic home grown entertainment hosted by the incomparable Eva Destruction!
If you've ever been curious to attend this anti-racist, queer friendly, body-positive cabaret, but night time makes you sleepy, or the unknown makes you frightened, this is your chance to see what all of the fuss is about from the comfort of the perch of your choosing, cuz basically...
We're all gonna watch a movie premier TOGETHER!
Suggested donation/cover charge is $7 per viewer.
($0 if COVID made you broke! More if you can)
Pay through PayPal or Venmo:
STARRING, in no particular order:
Christopher Johnson
Chris Monti
Karen O'Donnell
Elbow Deep Media
Eric Devine
The Cranelift Prevention Society
Sweet Wednesday
Sarah Rich
Windsong Hadley
Jen Stevens
Host Eva Destruction (Eve Condon)
Invite your friends!
How do I see this amazing movie, you ask? We will post a link to the video here and in the Facebook event ahead of time on Thursday evening. Trust.

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